Commercial and Residential Services

Both my commercial and residential clients share some of the same needs and concerns. These are services that both sets of clients need and appreciate

Buying a new computer (or several)

woman shopping for laptop

PBCIT makes getting a new computer easy! I will interview you in plain English (no geek talk) to determine your need, then specify (or buy on your behalf) the best-priced computer system to fill that need. Then I'll install everything and move your data (pictures, email, documents, etc.) to your new computer.

You don't have to deal with computer sales people trying to oversell you, not recommending an ideal solution because they don't stock it, or schlep a new computer back home and mess with a tangle of wires. Plus, I'll remove all the pre-installed bloatware and install all the useful things you'll actually want and appreciate!

Tune up your existing computer

Maybe your computer isn't that old but it's just running poorly. There's a number of adjustments and even an upgrade or two that can give a significant boost in performance, giving your computer additional life before it needs to be replaced.

If your computer is no more than 3 to 4 years old, a good tune-up may be all it needs to restore it to optimum condition.

computer tools

Malware removal and prevention

sick computer

Malware is rampant today and it's easy to unknowingly download malware onto your computer. Malware can be installed in ways you never imagined. Let PBCIT install effective solutions to reduce risk of infection and recovery options in case you do get infected.

Not having protection in place is like driving without your seatbelt on, air bags, or without auto insurance -- dangerous to you and potentially ruinous as well.

If your computer is already infected then I can fix it better than any program you can find on your own and using techniques that I've learned over the years.

Backing up your data

The hard drive in your computer is what stores all your stuff. And it is by far the most commonly failing part in any computer. I have boxes of dead hard drives in my lab that prove it.

Backing up your data is the most important maintenance you can perform, yet many people have no backup system at all. Or they think they have one but it's not working.

Let PBCIT design an appropriate backup solution for you so your data stays safe and secure. The time to protect your data is now, before a hard drive crash destroys it all.


damaged hard drive

Printer selection and setup

inkjet printer

Do you need a printer? Should you buy a laser printer or an inkjet?Do you also need to scan, copy, and fax? Do you want to share it with more than one computer? Do you want to print from your iPhone or iPad? Do you want to print photos?

There's actually quite a bit of consideration required when selecting, installing, and configuring a printer to get an optimum experience. I can help you make the right decision on a printer so you get the most from it.


Wireless networking

Do you have wireless dead spots in your home? Wireless signals are mostly line-of-sight and are easily absorbed by walls, furniture, appliances, and the floor (in a two-story home). A single wireless router will rarely provide a good strong signal to an entire home, especially a larger one.

There are numerous ways to extend coverage to your entire home and even detached out buildings such as a guest cottage. Call me to come over and assess your layout. I can design a solution that gives you a strong wireless signal all over your property.

home floor plan

New ways to watch TV

old tv set

Sure, we all know about Netflix streaming, but there's many new ways to watch TV nowadays. It's entirely possible to cut the cord and save a ton of money every year. I'm talking easily $1,000+ a year in savings.

Between Netflix streaming and DVD-by-mail, Amazon Prime, Hulu-Plus, and other streaming services, you can pick and choose which services most closely satisfies your viewing desires. Don't pay for 237 stupid channels when you only watch a half dozen.

With streaming, you watch what you want when you want. Feel like watching House of Cards tonight? Fine. Gone are the days when you watched whatever was broadcast that evening or having to make your evening plans around your cable TV schedule.