Useful Links


     Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

     Windows 10 Update to Latest Mainstream Build


Speed Tests     - no Flash     - Flash and non-Flash versions. Full of ads but otherwise a good test site

Other Links     What is my Browser     - shows lots of useful info

     Dropbox Referral     - Sign-up via this link and we each get 500 MB bonus space

     Printer Test Page     - Color bars to exercise all colors on inkjet printers

     What is my IP

     What is my OS

     QuickBooks Offline Installers

     My Utils (not really useful to anyone else)

     Apps: Reflect, TreeSize

     My Public Directory

Browser Plug-in Tests

     PDF Reader     - Loads the printer color PDF file

     Adobe Flash *

     Adobe Shockwave *

     Java *

     QuickTime *

     Silverlight *

* These extensions are particularly unsafe. Although the extensions themselves are legitimate, they are frequently found to have security bugs that malware is able to exploit. I strongly recommend uninstalling these. Furthermore, most of these plugins are no longer needed by most people as most websites have moved away from requiring them.