Useful Links


     Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

     Windows 10 Update to Latest Mainstream Build


Speed Tests     - no Flash     - Flash and non-Flash versions. Full of ads but otherwise a good test site

Other Links

     What is my IP ▶︎  ONE   TWO   THREE   FOUR

     What is my Browser     - shows lots of useful info

     Dropbox Referral     - Sign-up via this link and we each get 500 MB bonus space

     Printer Test Page     - Color bars to exercise all colors on inkjet printers     What is my OS

     QuickBooks Offline Installers

     My Utils (not useful to anyone else, requires password to decompress)

     My Public Directory

Browser Plug-in Tests

     PDF Reader     - Loads the printer color PDF file

     Adobe Flash *

     Adobe Shockwave *

     Java *

     QuickTime *

     Silverlight *

* These extensions are particularly unsafe. Although the extensions themselves are legitimate, they are frequently found to have security bugs that malware is able to exploit. I strongly recommend uninstalling these. Furthermore, most of these plugins are no longer needed by most people as most websites have moved away from requiring them.